Thursday, February 18, 2010

Snow play..

A child provides one of the best excuses to play in snow and I often wonder whether adults may be more excited by the prospect of building snowmen and sledding than their children. But it is of no matter, because no law is being broken by adults who want to partake in this perennial rite of winter and enjoy all things snowy in New York City.
As I wrote in Design in White 2, tracts of unadulterated snow are few and short lived here, so those wanting to reenact their play days of childhood must, unlike our country brethren, act quickly with no deliberation.
As I passed through Washington Square Park in the early morning after our recent heavy snowstorm, families had already been busy with their handiwork. Snowmen were everywhere to be found.
Growing up in New England, playing in snow was one our favorite activities. As a child, I was bundled in a snowsuit and, thoroughly insulated, was sent out into that white winter wonderland for endless hours of frolicking. I would make snow men, snow angels and igloos; ride a sled, or I would just run, jump and throw myself with reckless abandon into nature's plush, deep white cushion.
All my antics and creations were applauded by family members who remained indoors, watching behind windows in their cozy habitat, signaling with gestures of encouragement and approval over any small thing or act. As I grew older, I became an audience member for my younger sisters, enjoying their play from the warmth of our kitchen.
Certainly snow is inconvenient and troublesome, particularly its removal in a large city such as New York. But I am going to put those practical thoughts aside for now, because as I write this, I am watching a parent pull his child in a sled through my window from the cozy comfort of my home, as I secretly encourage them in all manner of snow play :)

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